Freedom Isn’t Free

Today we remember those lost as they sacrificed themselves for the good of our country.

Many men in my family have served, and one came very close to being remembered along with all the men before him on this day. Instead he returned with a purple heart in hand. Right now, three of my nephews are actively serving in the army. My nephew Joshua is an officer and soon to be married, Liam just finished airborne school and has been deployed to Italy just last week, and Adam, the newest Army recruit is soon to graduate and start his military career.

The reality truly didn’t hit me until I saw my nephew last week in his uniform. I can’t quite explain the feeling you get when you see those boys home and get to squeeze them. A mixture of incredible pride and terror knowing what these kids are going through to put everyone else before themselves at a moments notice.

This weekend I got to squeeze my oldest nephew, Josh, as he surprised me with a visit during my son’s birthday party Saturday and I may have ruptured internal organs with my grip. Adam better watch out when I spot his handsome face!

It’s so bittersweet getting that time with them, especially knowing it will be so brief. Just like that they’re off again to go before us. We all try to not think about the fact that they’re actually putting their lives on the line and that there is a possibility my brother’s could receive a devastating call one day. We could be attending another military funeral for another loved one having laid down his life for his brothers.

They stand and fight to protect our freedom, because it isn’t free. There is a cost.

Those of us who know God as a father have also experienced freedom with a steep cost. Jesus himself, the son of God, laid down his life for all of his people. He bought our freedom with his blood.

For God so loved the world that he gave his only son. That whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

Freedom is not free and because of the highest form of sacrifice, we get to experience the reward. So as we gather with friends and enjoy the sunshine and barbeque, let us not forgot why we can stand here together above the fallen men who have gone before us. They gave up their lives so we could live ours to fullest, and more than that, Jesus gave up his so we could enter into the kingdom and experience true freedom. Freedom from pain, suffering, conflict, and death.

God bless the men and women gone before us and those choosing to serve today and in the future.