He called and I went… eventually

Getting started is the hardest part. I re-typed that sentence at least 10 times. I tried something catchy, a witty intro, even attention grabbing excitement! I settled at the honest truth. Starting something new, (anything), is hard. We are comfort craving creatures, or at least I am. We would much rather take part in something we know than take a risk for fear of the unknown. If you need someone to hunker down and read through an entire book series, while wrapped in a fluffy cotton cocoon of blankets on a couch, surrounded by five decorative pillows my husband insists I don’t need while simultaneously refueling on coffee and Redbull, I am your girl! Starting a blog on the other hand…

Starting a blog is scary.

Starting a blog in 2021 when they’re seemingly a thing of the past is nerve wracking.

Starting a blog about my faith, shortcomings and failures is absolutely terrifying. When God calls you to move… run.

I should take my own advice. God called me to begin a blog a year ago at least…it may have been even longer at this point. I have stomped my feet, opened and shut my laptop more times than I could count, and made excuse after excuse. God called me and I didn’t just drag my feet, I went kicking and screaming.

“Who would want to hear what I have to say?”

“Why would anyone even care?”

“Who am I to give any sort of guidance for anything?”

“But I have too much going on already! It’s not the right time.”

“Why me? choose someone else.”

“I’m not good enough, interesting, funny, captivating… etc. (fill in your own adjective).”

The answer I kept hearing was, “Just begin.”

Just begin, just start, I will do the rest. I continued to hear the same consistent response.

God is not man, that he should lie, or son of man, that he should change his mind. Has he said, and will he not do it? Or has he spoken, and will he not fulfill it? Numbers 23:19

God is intentional. His patience is incredible. His mercy and grace are unending. He asks us to have faith and calls us to lean into him. We have to have faith because we cannot see the full picture of God’s plan for us and those around us. Faith is uncomfortable. If it weren’t, faith itself would be unnecessary. Why would we need faith if we always knew the outcome? We have to step into what we cannot see and trust that God knows what he’s doing to truly experience how amazing God’s power is.

Out of nothing He created EVERYTHING. Out of chaos He created order.

My life is a series of chaotic events. I find myself in the eye of the storm far more often that I would ever choose to be. The truth is, we cannot always remain in a perfect, safe environment. Life will inevitably tear us up and spit us out if we give into the storm. If we allow the storm to ravage us, we cannot find the peace in the chaos. God never promised easy, but He did promise to give us strength to sustain us (Psalm 46: 1-2), fight alongside us and for us (Deuteronomy 20:4), love us when the world tells us we are unlovable (Romans 5:6-11), rest for the weary and heavy laden (Matthew 11: 28-30), and provide peace through the chaos (John 14:27).

My hope is that through this, all of us, believers and those living in unbelief, can come together through our own chaos and find peace and rest in the love our father provides in such a broken world.

I hope you can all be comfortable in your vulnerability here and not be afraid to ask challenging questions. I can’t wait to see where the Spirit leads!

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  1. Beautifully said, I like your words “when God calls you to move..run”, that is an awesome outlook. Keep writing it is such a blessing.

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